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Dec 18, 2012 6:00am EST
... oo those who surrvveddthe school official are discussing securiiy.the shooting at sandy hook remains under investigation. 3&meanwhile... aaboyfriend oo one of the victims... 29- says he was just days away - behavioral therapist... was a new to thh school... when tragedy struck.her boofrrendd anthony says he had asked her parents' permission to homeowners in somerset countyy will be eligible for feddral funds... to help ccver cosss associated with hhrricane ssndy. sandy.the federal emeegency mmnagement agency approved the aid n appeall.. but rejecced requesss made by ddrchester, - ann worcester counties.most 3 maryland ounties are eliggble federal disaster assistance... pncluding foreclosure relief and loans to local ggvernmenns. additions of carroll and montgomery ounties. nationwide competitton for a 50 thousand ollar grann ps ddwn tt the last two days. school now ranks number 12 out entries. ttat's imppessive,, the monee... so joel d. smith is llve t the school noo to see what the tudents aae doing o help push them to the top, and see exactly why thee money is needed
Dec 6, 2012 6:00am EST
's decision to deny aiddto hurricane sandy victims in our state.according to the federal emergency manngement agency... the damage juut wasn't enough to warrant individual aad. fema director craig fugate actually mmde that announcement tuesday... during a hearing in front of the &phousee but during a senate appropriations earing wedneeday... senators barbara mmkulski and ben cardin told - their decision.mikulski says the need for financial help is especially evident in places like somersst coonty... where p llt of the storm victims are amonggthe oorest in the mikulski 124 we in maryland have some of the most aaerica, but we alsoohave some &pof the most poor and that's who got hit by this storm 33 -butt to-fugate 3:22 i sometimes struggle with when easy. but it doesn't mean we're not going to work wwtt the governor and see what e can do 33 governor martin o'malley has vowed to appeal fema's deeision... whicc ultimately was approved by president obama. britain's royal family isn't paughiig today... after a radio station''sprank call to the hospial where kate middleton is eing trrated. trea
Dec 31, 2012 6:00am EST
sandy.. re &pcountt hh exxerienced set significant amage will be eligible for food stamps because of the disaster. &p the programmprovidee one month of benefits. sttrm victims can apply from january 7 through 13th at the county department of social services and the disaster recovery center in crisfiild. phrases making the annual - list... offwords to be banishee.tte llst... put together by mmchigan's lake superior state university... submitted by the includes words and phrases the &ppublic would likeeto see banned from the english language.otherr making the list iiclude: iiclude: p fiscal cciff- kick the can down tte road- double down- job creators creators - passion/passionatee yolo alert- bucket list list - trending- superfood- bonelessswings- guru guru what word or phrase would you like to see anned?we posted the question to ur facebook page... just go to facebook dot com slash fox baltimore to enter your vote. are you our are you our biggest ffn?then you cannbecome.. our fan of phe day! everydaa we'll pick one f our &ppiewers from our facebook page... and featu
Dec 10, 2012 6:00am EST
... on behalf of states hardest it bb superstorm sandy. in a joint staaemmet on the matter, governor andrew cuomo of new pork and new jersey governor will help their states money - recover, repair, nd rebuild better and stronger than requested amount fell short of about 17-bbllion-dollars. the midwest may be seeinn parts of minnesstaa four to n - six inches of snow is already on the grrund, and up to fourteen inches is forecast. and st. paul have officially deelared the season's first snow emergency. severaa dozen flights out offthe twin cities airport were canccled. servvce sayssthe snow will end tooayy...when temperatures &pwill peak in the mii-teens. care packaggs areebeing put together for milittry dogs. theepewee valley veterinary center in kentucky is collecting and sendinggthe afghanistan. the packages include toys, treats ann desperately needed supplies. dogs ave been used in the military sinne the -&revvlutio forgotten sometimes. we really change thingg for them. one oo the dogs we're sponsorrng it's the vet is also trring to adopt at least 10 military dogs currentty i
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4